she ain’t you

every guy wants a girl who is perfect. someone who makes him sandwiches and plays videos and gives him sex. mean while every girl wants a guy to hold her bring flowers and tell her she’s beautiful. in reality you get what your given. and as for me. i want a guy who wont hit me and will be able to handle my every changing moods with my bipolar fucked upness. who understands how to calm me and can be there when i need him the most. who wont force me in to having sex and will be happy just holding me. i dont need all of it. just someone who understands me and loves me. this is why i think most people marry there best friends. my best guy friend is my ex and he doesnt like me the way i use to. i’ve finally moved on. but now im looking for someone else to hold and love. but the chances of that happening are zip to none.
this is a list of the guys i liked in the past year and why i dont have a bf right now.
1)doesnt believe in love
2)wants a different girl
3)hates me
4)is a jerk after he found out.
5)is my ex
6)doesnt know i like him
7)lives far away
8)havent met him yet (dream guy)

one day i will find the cute emo boy who loves me and can tame my wild bipolar side. till then im just goanna be the sexy little flirt i am. ❤ kik me boys between 16-18 no nudes or perves. kik: 4everbeautiful97



Love. Those days when u wonder if it exists and if ur ever goanna find it. Me? No. I have never found true love. I’m just some girl who dreams of having what all they have. I. The stories in the movies. In any thing. I want what they have. But I don’t know if I’ll ever get it. I’m just the pretty face guys use when they need a girl to be jealous. I’m the one they use. No I’m not blonde. My hair was at one point but then it grew darker and I dyed it black then it went to dark brown. I’m average height green eyes that change alot. Dimples and a lisp. Guitar player and music lover. I write my own music. i don’t care for fashion or even make up.and yet they use me. Why?