I hate school. when i think of school i think of the bullying, the pain, the hate. the suffering i went through. the sound of my cries during the night. the fresh tears that had randomly came. when i think about going back to school the next day after a nice weekend i think of this and try to get out of it. the fear has replaced the joy. the happiness that most kids feel when they go to school is gone. i hate it. i know what its like to be in the place where no one wants you, where your unloved. when i think of school i think of this. i think of the possibility of going back to this pain. this hate that everyone had for me. the words they said. the sounds they made. the looks they gave. all of it was like a knife to my heart. if my heart was surrounded by walls the words were bombs. each one broke some of the wall. i didn’t always have time to repair it. the walls grew weaker over time. each blow felt stronger. each wall felt thinner. smaller. i was running out of bricks and was using weaker supplies. the weaker supplies slowly disappearing. soon it would be gone and i would be dying. finally it was happening. the supplies were gone and the walls crumbling. the tears created floods, the shaky breaths like an earth quake, even the words were to weak to save the remainders of my walls.

there is someone out there who needs to be saved. someone who is about to break. who feels different because no one accepts her/him for his/her self. it may be you it may be your best friend. it could be someone who looks like they are in the best possible way.

save them before its too late.