people make mistakes and sometimes it drives people they love away. i know because i screwed up dearly with two of my closest friends and now i dont know how to make it up to them. but im going to keep trying untill they both give me another chance. i didnt mean to hurt them but the pain from the bulling and the hate i was getting and the pressure to be perfect became to much. i threw and broke my phone then i ruined two friendships. im going to try as hard as i can to make it up to the two people i use to be supper close to and im not going to stop until we can at least talk about things and be civil. 

i want my friends back and i will get them back. im not losing two of the most important people in my life to mistakes i made due to a break down when we should be thicker than butter. we should be three peas in a pod. not burning bridges. so if they are reading this please give me a second chance to prove to you that im not some bitch who is going to hurt you again. i just want my friends back. 



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