sweet lullaby


sweet lullaby

you heard me cry

you told me everything was alright

I’ve heard you say so many things before today

most of it was a lie

Sparkling angel in my eyes

please don’t let me die

these words all so deadly

wont let me fly

be free for me

but please dont every cry

in darkness

in light

i wont ever die

between you and I

your the reason why

these broken wings of mine

wont ever let me fly

sweet lullaby

you heard me cry

i felt so high

but when i fell through those clouds

you weren’t there to catch me

when i asked you to come back

you didn’t stop to chat

i just thought you were the one

everyone says there will come a day where i have to change

and i wont be coming back

but one day you’ll realize it and ask me to come home

ill just keep ridding on

sweet lullaby

tell him good bye

i wont look back

i wont get trapped

ill try and find a way to move on

till i under stand whats really going on.

this wasn’t meant to be

this isn’t how i use to be.

sparkling angel please save me

before its too late

take me away

from all the hate and the pain

i cant stay here

its time to move on

please say you’ll take me away.


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