will i ever learn to love my self?

will i ever learn to love my self?

i was told once that you cant love someone else until you learn to love yourself. i wonder if im ever going to learn to love my self. yes i love bits and parts of myself. but i dont love everything about my self.
i hate:
~the mole on my cheek
~my cubby chin
~my stomach
~how i talk
~my lisp
~my feet
~my legs

but i love:
~my singing voice
~my music
~my hair
~my eyes

there isnt much to love when you get told that you are ugly and are worthless. people never understood the pain a girl goes through. we have to deal with so much more pain then people realise. girls dont get in to fist fights like guys we just do emotional damage. and sometimes thats all it takes to drive a person over the edge.

this is my second post today because i am avoding school work and trying to make my self feel beautiful. this picture is from yestuday. and it felt amazing. i curled myy hair and did my make up later that night and took some selfies. i felt amazing and now i feel terriable.
its amazing how one minute you can feel perfect amazing on top of the world then the next you can feel worse the garbage. this world isnt like it use to be. i want to go back to kindergarden where it was “hi your nice wanna be friends” and then run off and play where everyone was accpeted regardless of race gender or anything else. no one cared if you had an i phone or no phone. life was amazing. we only cared if you were nice. there was no dramma. it was just go outside, play, be happy. and now its not. its hair and make up and boys and dating.

i need to getaway.


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