Do you

Do you ever feel like your not where your sappouse to be. Like nothing your learning stays with you like the world has forgotten about you.its as if every one else knows who they are and your the only one who doesn’t belong ever wonder if theres something different about you and everyone knows it but you. They start treating you differently like you aren’t as good as every one else like there’s something missing from you something everyone else has but you.everyone else has the keys to the door of susess but not you.your going back through the doors you already opened trying to find that price of you that’s missing

Do you ever feel all alone even thought there’s a million people around you.I’m like this every surrounded by people but no one talks to me no one looks at don’t know how alone you truly are until some one finally talks to you.this is me.I’m alone no one talks to me I’m just there I’m not.


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