parents dont get it. we rebel because we feel the need. if you have a younger brother or sister and they something bad, well then your fucked. your parents automaticaly assume they learned it from you. i woke up feeling a little sick this morning and my parents assumed that it was because i was up late on my computer. truth was i was just feeling sick. i threw up again at school but pushed through. parents dont get that though. my sister stayed up late on her computer and they are telling me that at night my computer has to come out at night. because she messed up and now i have to pay for it. this picture was taken sunday. i edited it today. i was happy then my parents came home and didnt even say hi. they just started complaining about the dishes not being done. sometimes i wish i was living on my own. but then they do nice things for me and i dont. parents dont understand how we feel. yes they were teens to but not now. sometimes they just think that we did what we did for fun. but our acts of anger and hate are rewarded more then our acts of love. in other words when we do bad we get attention when we do good we dont get as much. why?


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