music. My only escape from everything. the things that happen can be terrible and i just need some where to go. music can be calming upsetting or angering. i find it very relaxing. music can take away pain and hate. but it is also very annoying. people who love one direction talk about them and play there music 24/7 and it bugs me. it makes me mad. yes they are good looking and can sing but there just people like me. they were bullied before they got famous. im bullied but no one cares everyone just cares about the famous people. its kinda sad. if i could meet 1D i would tell them that i was bullied and that no one cares but they were bullied and everyone cares. its not right. people every where should be supported. yet only a few get the care nd support from other people. like one direction. they are awesome but what about those who are not famous but are also amazing. people like me who have had no friends at one point or another?  we should support everyone no matter if they are famous or not.


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