Love. Those days when u wonder if it exists and if ur ever goanna find it. Me? No. I have never found true love. I’m just some girl who dreams of having what all they have. I. The stories in the movies. In any thing. I want what they have. But I don’t know if I’ll ever get it. I’m just the pretty face guys use when they need a girl to be jealous. I’m the one they use. No I’m not blonde. My hair was at one point but then it grew darker and I dyed it black then it went to dark brown. I’m average height green eyes that change alot. Dimples and a lisp. Guitar player and music lover. I write my own music. i don’t care for fashion or even make up.and yet they use me. Why?

Fairs are unfair

I find that most fairs we go to are unfair. People speak lots of money on things that are two or three dollars but we do it anyways to have fun. Im going to a fair on Sunday with my family. Will I get dressed up? No jeans t shirt and a little make up. That is it. No more will I have friends there? I dont know im just going to have fun. Music games prizes all good. Might find a friend to hang with but honestly I dont care. Im me and that’s all I will ever be. Im happy with who I am


Fear. What is fear?
fear is the thing that keeps people going. That thing that pushes them to the max. Fear of failing. Fear of losing. Fear of fear. You are not human of u are not fearfull. Everyone is scared of something. Some are good at hiding it others show it daily. Fear can come from the silliest little thing, like a ball or balloon. The question is can we ever over come that fear? I am scared of many bugs but I can catch them and release them or kill them. I am scared of dying so I use it as a motivator. The things that keep you going depend on who you are. To be you, you need to know who you are. What’s ur strength your weakness you favorite thing. These help define who you are. Don’t change who you are because your scared. Never have a fear of not fitting in because that just means your unique not a freak
be you not “you”